Flea Season is here in full force!

I am sure you may already have noticed that fleas are here, and there and everywhere! It is vital that you have your pet on a veterinary quality preventative. The over-the-counter products, like Hartz or Adams, just don’t cut it anymore! The question is- why is it so hard to kill those fleas and keep them away?

First check out the flea life cycle….That is working against us..



We have to stay on top of prevention year round because the moment we stop, those nasty little pupae’s hatch into adults again. Unfortunately there is no flea killer on the market that kills the pupae so we have to be sure to try and take them out at every other life stage possible. Using our recommended prevention, Nexgard, (which is an oral medication) you avoid running the risk of washing off the topical prevention or the losing effectiveness of a collar once your pup checks out the pool one to many times. Nexgard helps tackle the flea issue from the top down…The flea is killed before it can lay the eggs that turn in to the larvae that then become the indestructible pupae.

Using strictly Nexgard, the entire Flea population in your house will be wiped out within 3 months. Need quicker results? I don’t blame you, these things give me the willies. Get your pet started on Nexgard and use a professional flea fogger in each room and sprays like the one pictured to treat your the hard to reach places. These foggers and sprays can be purchased at Petsmart. Be sure to spray under things such as dressers, beds and sofas because that is where they like to hide (in dark spaces). After the spraying, continue to clean your pet’s favorite spots as often as possible- washing bedding in hot water and vacuuming carpets they lay on. Be sure after vacuuming you empty the bucket outside or tape the bag shut and remove it as soon as possible. Those nasty critters will climb right back out of the vacuum and back into your house! If your pet spends lots of time outdoors you might need to treat your yard as well. Again you want to treat with a concentrated yard spray and don’t let your pets back in the yard until it dries!

So you have done a phenomenal job and all your pet’s little friends are kaput… You can stop the Nexgard right? WRONG!

Those pupae can live in your carpet, cushions or drapes for years and your pet will be re-exposed to all new fleas on your next walk about the neighborhood. Even indoor cats can pick up fleas, because those fleas hitchhike in on OUR pant legs. No keeping us strictly indoors. It is vital once you have put up the good fight to not let your work go to waste.

We addressed treating our canine friends but what if there is a feline in the house?

All the animals in the household must be on a veterinary quality preventative- If not the flea will hop from one ride to the other. For cats we recommend using Revolution and treating your house in the same manner. Revolution works fantastic and treats a ton of things in addition to fleas such as ear mites, intestinal parasites and it even prevents Heartworm Disease.

Please remember every pet is different and if you’re not sure Nexgard or Revolution is a good fit please come ask us. We are your partner in keeping your pet healthy and would be happy to recommend something that would better suit their lifestyle if needed.

Important Disclaimers here: NEVER put a dog product on a cat or vice versa…it’s toxic! Also please remember to remove your animals from your house BEFORE you treat it!

You are now successfully prepared for battle….Good Luck my friend! We are only a phone call away!






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