Pet Services

Looking for veterinary, boarding or grooming services in Suffolk, VA?

Suffolk Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services in the following areas:

Preventative Care and Vaccination Services:

  • Dr. Carr follows the American Animal Hospital Association Guidelines for Preventative Care for pets in our area. Theses guidelines include basing your pet’s vaccines and testing on their lifestyle. We have developed Wellness Plans and Labwork packages to help make preventative care more accessible to those on a budget. When you schedule your pet’s preventative care examination, Dr. Carr and our staff will take the time needed to determine what your pet really needs and what works for you.

Emergency Services:

  • While Suffolk Animal Hospital is not a 24 hour emergency hospital, we do try to see client emergencies whenever possible. A pet emergency may include: toxin ingestion, hit by a car, bloat, urinary tract obstructions, ingestion of a foreign body, and difficulty breathing. In the event that we are closed or unable to see your pet, we recommend you contact The C.O.V.E Emergency Hospital in Northern Suffolk at (757)935-9111 or Blue Pearl Emergency Hospital in Chesapeake at (757)366-9000.

Routine Surgical Procedures & Pet Dental Cleanings including Extractions:

  • Dr. Carr is prepared to handle a wide variety of routine surgical procedures including cat spays and neuters, dog neuters, mass removals, puppy dewclaw removal and tail docking and cat declawing. Our staff are well-trained in surgical monitoring and we use the latest in technology to keep your pet safe including: blood pressure, heart rate and CO2 monitoring, a dedicated assistant to monitor your pet in recovery and fluid therapy to assist in your pet’s recovery. In addition to surgical procedures, we offer full dental services from preventative annual cleanings to more serious periodontal work including extractions and scaling.

Pet Grooming for Cats and Dogs:

  • We offer everything from a basic bath and brush out to a full shave downs and pet clips. We offer both drop off appointments and “while you wait” appointments. Niki, our groomer, has over 12 years of experience in pet grooming and looks forward to working with you to make your pet look their best.

Full Service Boarding for Dogs and Cats:

  • From fenced in yards to raised beds, your pet is sure to be comfortable while staying with us. We utilize pet pheromones to make their stay more relaxing and can offer any needed services while they are here, from grooming to vet care. Bring your pet by and tour our facility to help you decide where they will be most comfortable!

Avian and Pocket Pet Services:

  • Our veterinary team can accommodate nail, beak and wing trims on birds and nail and teeth trims on pocket pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits. We are also able to board these pets when all supplies are provided including the cage and food. 

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team, call Suffolk Animal Hospital today at (757) 539-1385 or click here to request an appointment.

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