Dr. Amber Carr


Education: Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA

Pets: Bettis the Greyhound, Puck the Orange Tabby and Gibbs the Ragdoll

Dr. Amber Carr has worked as a veterinarian in two other Suffolk veterinary clinics. She lives in the Kilby Shores with a plethora of fur children. A supporter of pet adoption, she currently has a retired racing Greyhound, and two adopted cats (if anyone truly can own a cat!). She loves kayaking, biking, camping and baking in her free time. She is a graduate of Ross University in St. Kitts and finished her clinical studies at North Carolina State. Before that, she received her BS in Bioresource Sciences from UC Berkeley.

Dr. Carr has a strong interest in dermatology cases and chronic ear infections. She enjoys staying up to date with the latest developments in the veterinary field to make sure your pet receives only the best medicine. She loves to see cases (including rescue and shelter animals) that start out ravaged with a infection such as "mange" and to watch their transition from a sickly, sad deserted animal into a healthy, happy family pet. Dr. Carr also has a soft spot in her heart for sight hounds of all types, especially of the Greyhound variety. There are special needs and concerns for their breed and she loves the challenge.
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