Preventative Care

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Dr. Carr follows the recommended preventative care guidelines from American Animal Hospital Association for pet’s in our area. In addition to following the recommended guidelines, our veterinary staff will spend time with you and your pet to develop a personalized protocol regarding the frequency of physical exams and vaccines. For the majority of healthy dogs, we recommend a distemper/parvo/lepto vaccine, rabies vaccine, bordetella vaccine, annual lab work including an intestinal parasite screening and heartworm and tick borne disease test. For the majority of healthy cats, we recommend a distemper vaccine, rabies vaccine, annual lab work including an intestinal parasite screening and heartworm, feline aids, feline leukemia test. There are many other vaccines that may be important for your pet based on their lifestyle including feline leukemia, canine flu or lyme vaccine. Discuss your pet’s lifestyle at their next visit to determine if one of these vaccines is right for your pet.  We recommend routine annual preventative care exams and biannual examinations for senior cats and dogs over the age of seven.

Remember, even if your pet does not have any vaccinations due, they should still be seen regularly by their doctor to ensure there are no changes in health. Preventative care exams are designed to enhance the early detection, prevention, and monitoring of life altering diseases.
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